About this community

Tired of the competitive gaming generation? Then join a mature gaming community and have fun gaming again!

We believe that the definition of gaming, and how gaming becomes an enjoyable experience, is dependent on the decade you're born in.

A study from the ESA shows that the appeal for competition in gaming drops significantly around the age of 27. But while those who basically grew up with the gaming industry are getting older, the publishers invest heavily in the younger generation ("Generation Z"), as gaming never had a broader audience than now.

Consequently, gaming communities are younger than they used to be. And for us, especially in times with forums dying as part of a soon-to-be internet-relic, it was getting harder and harder to find a community that would share the same interests in gaming.


Post Scriptum


Community Rules

Common Sense
We don't tell you that you shouldn't use hacks, kill your teammates or otherwise act like a complete moron. If you, however, act like one, we will kick or ban you (depending on how stupid you were). We recommend not joining us if you're under the age of 27. If you're younger than 18, you are not allowed to join at all.

Squad and Post Scriptum
General: Do not use vehicles as taxis. Exception: Infantry transport vehicles and only when you transport a minimum of 4 people.
Squad Leaders: Voice communication in excellent quality is a must. If you do not have a (good) microphone, then do not act as a Squad Leader under any circumstances! Cooperate with other squad leaders and do not play as an independent squad.
Squad Members: Listen to your squad leaders instructions and follow them.

All our bans are community-wide
That means that if you get banned on any server, you will be banned on all of our servers.

The fastest way to get in touch with us is by either joining Teamspeak or Discord!